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Write for us

If you would like to write for us here at Jeremy Powers and get your work published on our site, we will be happy to help you as long as your articles are engaging and relevant. We always welcome feature articles and news pieces from willing and prospective contributors who can speak directly to our readers.

What does our content provide?

At Jeremy Powers, we focus on providing valuable stories to readers seeking information about all things concerning business in the UK. Our content thoroughly covers

  • Latest news – Current developments and news that affect UK based businesses that are reported as they happen.
  • Advice and guides – How-to Informations, smart tips and precepts on ways to engage sundry business ventures, especially through the eyes of a successful entrepreneur and business professional.
  • market analysis – Clear reports drawn from in-depth investigations, monitoring and scrutiny of the UK business industry that can steer our readers to the right direction in making future deals.
  • Ideas and opinions – Suggestions about how to do business especially from experience in related cases.
  • Discussion – Articles that provoke the need to question motives and thoroughly reconsider moves that will lead to a resolved plan.

We expect your articles to touch at least one of the above categories, relevantly.

How can you contribute?

The business world, especially in the UK is constantly evolving and on the move. Without the right information and how-to guidance on latest trends, people tend to be left behind. That is why the readers we attract are constantly on the hunt for the newest developments in the UK business sector in order to keep their fingers on the heartbeat of the market.

By sharing your insights and articles with us, you will be fortifying a lot of businesses with the information they need to make the right decisions, know what their next move should be, and how to follow practices that will yield positive results.

What should you do?

For your articles to be accepted, they need to be rich, fact-driven,  well-researched, plagiarism free and must be related to business. We do not accept PR materials that are solely geared towards promotion. We don’t need poorly written materials as these could throw off our readers.

Our site visitors trust us to publish useful information that can add value to their business and we expect no less from our contributors. Send us a message now if you have what it takes to be heard by our base.

Your works should be well formatted and presentable. We also accept images. Contact us and we will give you the specifics on what your text formatting should look like. Please we do not accept copied material. A short writer bio of yourself will also be welcomed. Send us a message now with your pitch.

You can touch businesses out there and make another venture flourish with the power of your words and through the Jeremy Powers platform. All you need to do is get in touch now and we will help you spread your message.

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