What You Can Learn from Starbucks

The truth is – you can probably learn a lot more from Starbucks that I could cover in a single post. I’m Jeremy Powers and this post is about Starbucks’ recent initiative you should consider carefully.

Starbucks App for Loyal Customers

The international chain of coffee shops has recently created an app that allows you to pay for your order before you actually get to the shop and prevents you from waiting in line for too long. Although the app is currently only active in the States, it’s likely that if successful, it’ll also be launched in the UK App stores and Android Markets.

The app was created, keeping in mind the busy rhythms of lives of people who go to Starbucks every day. That portion of the audience is usually quite frustrated with lengthy queues in the shops, and the app would certainly help them save time. Therefore, the rationale behind the app was to make things more convenient. This is what you should consider – are there any ways YOU can make things more convenient for your customers?

Even if you’re not working in the food and drink industry, I’m certain that, if you carefully consider all the options available to you, you could find a way to make your clients’ lives easier, and bring in more revenue that way. Starbucks has added the app to the list of benefits offered to loyalty card holders; if your company has a loyalty programme, you could consider that approach as well. If you don’t have a loyalty programme, I suggest that you evaluate the reasons why and consider implementing one.

Today’s business world heavily focuses on being client-centered, and Starbucks has made a very customer-oriented move by launching the app. If you’re struggling to come up with an equally good idea, put yourself in your clients’ shoes and consider what YOU would want from your company if you were them; combine that with some market research and I’m sure you’ll find an answer.

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