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Hello. I am Jeremy Powers, and I’m writing this post in order to give you an insight into what BT’s recently unveiled Digital Future initiative could mean for you.

As you know, success today depends on how quickly you deliver great solutions. Your product might be amazing, but if you take too long with it, even if it was for the reasons entirely unrelated to its quality, the consumer would probably lose interest. It seems that slow Internet is one of those reasons that keep small businesses in the parts of the UK that are hard to reach, from reaching their fullest potential.

Improving Internet Speed

BT’s Digital Future plans, unveiled last week, involve investing in “speeding up” the Internet in those parts of the country and delivering high levels of customer service. The company promises a lot of potential benefits to the UK households and businesses. It would appear that the scheme is aimed towards offering business owners faster and better broadband connections.

The idea behind the scheme is that in this day and age, as I said earlier, speed is very important. Most technology relies on quick speed of the Internet connection. Introducing ultra-fast Internet would help companies (and physical persons, of course) save time on solving network connectivity problems and other issues of the kind, and instead, spend their time creating better products for their customers. It’s never been more important to create the right solutions at the right time, and it appears that Digital Future is a solution that your business needs right now in order to create timely solutions for its own clients.

Enhancing Customer Service

pexels-photo-medium (2)When it comes to customer service, BT’s Digital Future initiative offers its customers an opportunity to deal with their relevant divisions directly, rather than referring the queries to the holding company. This goes hand-in-hand with the 21st century’s approach to business that is centered around engaging and connecting with customers as much as possible. One of the services included in the scheme is a texting service that gives the customer text updates about the progress of delivery of a solution, as well as the engineer’s contact information. Communicating with the engineer directly rather than calling the company operator is also another step towards “speeding things up”, which would be beneficial for any business.

All the above services offered within Digital Future would be additions to the “Ethernet” services targeted towards companies. Ethernet services offer custom solutions to businesses for a custom fee. It’s possible that you would believe the fees to be a little high, but I do advise that you at least consider Ethernet for your company if you don’t have it yet. BT believes that the Digital Future services would work really well alongside Ethernet; however, it’s unknown at present how long it would take to implement the scheme. Ethernet already offers super-fast connections and custom solutions, so don’t wait around for Digital Future – Ethernet could very well be the answer you need right now.

If the scheme works as planned by BT, it would certainly bring in a lot more revenue to the company than it’s making right now. The plan is to unveil it completely by 2020, and according to the analytical forecasts, each small business in the UK would be part of Digital Future. And that includes yours.

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