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Hello. My name is Jeremy Powers and the purpose of this post is to give you some tips on the possible networking strategies you can employ, both online and offline.

Let’s leave online networking aside for a moment – I’ll come back to it. Traditionally, business deals and networking sessions have been conducted over drinks and lunches, and some people prefer this method to this day. There are also seminars, conferences and networking evenings that are still widely popular amongst quite a few players in various industries.

man-couple-people-womanIf you want to concentrate on networking in person, the first thing you should do is to prepare in advance, find out who’s going to be at the event and decide with whom you want to speak the most. Concentrate on a few individuals and getting to know them better rather than talking to everyone at the event and promptly forgetting who they were the very next day. And don’t drink too much –a glass or two should help you stay relaxed and look professional at the same time.

Online Networking: LinkedIn and Twitter

Now let’s talk about online networking. The best networks to use for professional reasons are LinkedIn and Twitter. Make sure to get the usernames of the people you’re interested in connecting with at a networking event and add them within the first 24 hours of meeting them. In addition, you could send a follow-up e-mail to them.

Online networking can, and should, be as significant as offline networking for your company. Connecting on LinkedIn and never speaking to that person again is not the way to network. Some large companies have whole departments dedicated to social media management and online networking, which is a testament to how important it is to connect with fellow professionals in this day and age. You never know – a person you’ve randomly added to your contact list might like the look of your profile and approach you with a partnership opportunity or even offer funding for your company! Make sure your profile is easy to read and has a professional look to it, reflecting all your achievements pertaining to your career.

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