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Hello, I’m Jeremy Powers and I strongly believe that the private sector and the third sector need to work together in order to do amazing things for charity.

While being a part of the connected digital world makes it much easier for everyone to work together, it is worth very little if it’s only done on paper. CSR policies have to actually be carried out if you want your business to be involved in charity work, and you absolutely do. However, there is a way digital data analysis can help you make your community better by executing your CSR policies.

With data analysis, you can see which charities need help the most in your local community and make a decision about which cause you want to be involved in. A lot of businesses pick children’s charities, which is a wonderful cause, but some areas lack the resources for other causes too. Do some research on the local charities, read up what you can find on them online and analyse the information you have in the context of your CSR policies.

That’s not to say, however, that you should rely on digitally provided data alone. While your business might have gone fully digital and you have no problem operating in the world of the Internet, it’s a different story with non-profit organisations. A lot of them don’t have the funding to go digital and therefore, your data on which charity to choose might not always be a true reflection of what needs to be done in your community. Working with a local volunteer broker can be a step in the right direction, but in many cases, you might have to do your research the old-fashioned way. Again, try to analyse the information in the context of the CSR policies and see if your community’s needs would mean that you’d have to change the policies.

Once you decide which charity you want to support, I advise you to evaluate the strengths and skills of your employees in order to see how each of them can contribute to the cause in the best way. In this case, digital data analysis would be able to lend you a hand. Some people might have excellent communication skills, for example, so they can get involved with liaising with the donors for the charity of your choice. Others might be good at more hands-on things, like fixing the furniture or teach classes at a learning center. No matter what sets of skills you have on hand, you can almost certainly use all of them in order to make your CSR better.

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