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Greetings!  I’m Jeremy Powers and I hope that this little post will help you navigate the sea of all the information available to you thanks to the Internet.

Starting a business, and running it, can be overwhelming and exhausting, and sometimes you wouldn’t even know where to start. The good thing about the age of Internet is that there are a lot of free resources available. The downside, however, is that only some of this information might apply to you. I’m not going to go into detail on advice for each industry, but I’ll give you a few general pointers on what you most likely need to know.

The first few years of running a business can make or break it, and, to be quite frank, it’s almost impossible to make it alone. For that reason, you should stay on top of industry news, read the profiles of important players, and build up a small network of your own. Paying attention to what other entrepreneurs are up to can be very informative.

If you’re new to running your own company, you would certainly want advice on how to hire people, how to sort out your accounts, how to find suppliers and clients, and last, but certainly not least, how to make sure that everything you do is legal. Those are the kinds of things that are very important in running a business – make sure you know them.

It’s also important to know how to plan and organise. You probably have a business plan already, but if you don’t, you should read as much as you can on how to write one. If your business is already up and running, and you’re having trouble sticking to the plan, try to do some research on what you can do to get back to it or come up with solutions that are even better than your initial plan.

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